Living with appreciation and gratitude of your life experience, both the happy and the difficult parts, is vital to your personal growth and happiness.

The benefits of living mindfully are well documented, including reduced stress and anxiety, increased focus and memory as well as improved overall wellbeing.

There are a number of approaches to integrating mindfulness as a daily practise into your life and ultimately it should be based upon whatever suits your personality and your lifestyle. Popular modalities include yoga and meditation whilst others focus on cultivating gratitude such as keeping a gratitude diary to record what you are thankful for in life.

Beyond what can be thought of as ‘activity-based’ approaches to mindfulness, there are also a host of simple behaviours and attention-focusing exercises that work to great effect. Taking more time to focus on the specific activity you are engaged with, avoiding multi-tasking and embracing all of your senses in the present moment, are all ways to tune-in to your conscious experience to a greater extent.

Heightening your emotional intelligence (often called ‘EQ’) is also a very important component of becoming more mindful. This means spending more time listening to others, cultivating on your empathy not just for friends and family but all others. It also means cultivating a kinder and loving relationship with yourself, through forgiveness, compassion and personal expression. Inspiring yourself and others to do the same is extremely rewarding.

Mindfulness also translates across to creating a compassionate and loving relationship with your body. Exercising frequently but not over-exerting yourself, taking breaks at work, avoiding sitting for too long and making mindful diet decisions are all examples of cultivating a healthy and respectful attitude towards your body.

With so many options, it can be hard to keep track of every effective approach to cultivating mindfulness. Luckily, this great infographic by Sleepy People helps chart the 13 things which mindful people do differently to help you identify positive patterns for easy adoption in your own life.


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