Spirit Button was started to bring positive, inspiring and enlightening thought to the world through quotes and academic resources.

In an age of greater complexity and concern, we aim to be a place of calm reflection and observation. We firmly believe that taking the time to breath, check in and ponder, brings greater presentness and peace to your life and by extension all those around you.

We are dedicated to becoming an online space for internal observation and inquiry, through the sharing of positive and provocative content from leading thinkers around the world via quotes and academic resources.

In addition to the content on site, to support the continuing education of students, we make an ongoing annual commitment to an academic scholarship. Each academic year we provide a $1,000 scholarship to undergraduate students through our essay-writing competition.

If you have any quotes or resources you would like to see added to the site, please contact us, we love hearing from readers.

Our goal is that you read something here that helps to inspire you and your work to make a change for the better.

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